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Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind. Choosing actions that bring happiness and success to others ensures the flow of happiness and success to you.

Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
Web Hosting is one of the most important aspect of website design and marketing. It is for this reason that we offer free backups on daily, weekly and monthly basis. This is a standard feature on all of our web hosting packages from shared hosting to virtual dedicated servers to full dedicated servers.
All web hosting accounts includes unlimited email accounts and support. We know how complicated email account setup can be - so we offer it for free as part of your web hosting support services. Now you can setup your phone, desktop and tablets so you can stay on top of it all.

Today, bring whoever you encounter a gift: a compliment or flower. Gratefully receive gifts. Keep wealth circulating by giving and receiving care, affection, appreciation and love.

Deepak Chopra, The Several Spiritual Laws of Success
We believe in giving our clients more than what they bargained for. At WebsiteCenter.com we will make sure that you get everything you need to make your website a success. You might not know what you need but we do. We don't leave anything to chance. We will design and gear your website towards success.
How? By providing you with a professional looking website that will wow your audience thus making the most out of your online traffic. With a better online presentation, it can only lead to better sales results. We might not always get it right the first time around but we you can be sure to get it right the next time around.

A picture says a thousand words. Custom graphic design can say volumes.

Eric Tan
Custom graphic design can be as simple as crop and resize or it can be a bunch of cropped images to make up a collage of photos that make up a bigger picture. From business card design to postcards to flyers to pamphlets to brochures to web ready graphics, we do it all.
Regardless of your custom graphic design need, we can handle even the most complicated, including animation, video and even audio productions. From AI to JPG to PNG to vector graphics, we have custom graphic specialists on staff that can make your graphical vision into a reality.

Your reputation is in the hands of others. That's what the reputation is. You can't control that. The only thing you can control is your character.

Wayne Dwyer
Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that - by Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine. With our website management service, we can provide all the support you need to manage, update and maintain your online business - for the life of the business.
You're in business because you're good at what you do. So don't try to do it all, that is where you'll falter. Stay focus. Let professionals take care of the rest. Let the lawyers handle your legal problems and your website designers to maintain your website.

Don’t worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop.

Jeffrey Zeldman, A List Apart Publisher
We guarantee online results! That's right. If we build your website right by providing a good and informative presentation about your company, products and services, then drive the right kind of traffic, and the offer is undeniably good, then there is no reason where we can expect relevant results.
Results could mean direct online sales, inquiries, a telephone call or even an email - generated directly from its online marketing campaign - as tracked and monitored by our visitor traffic stats. Results will vary depending on your offer.

Why Choose WebsiteCenter.com?

We’re Consistent

We know your business can't wait which is why we've learned how to move quickly and efficiently with high accuracy to meet our client's demand for on time service. We're known for our fast, consistent, reliable service that is always on time. All website maintenance work are completed within 4-24 hours, consistently.

We’re Punctual

At WebsiteCenter.com, you don't get just one webmaster, you get the entire team. If you call for an update, your assigned webmaster will spring into action immediately and get the work done fast. If he or she happens to be out on vacation or ill, one of our other webmaster or developer will take over and complete the work.

We're Creative

Have you heard of two heads are better than one? We can look at your project from the outside looking in. Review your business model and your competition from every angle and investigate all possible areas of opportunities until we come up with a creative approach that is sure to bring attention to your business offer.

Keeping it Simple

I've heard it a billion times and more that simple is always best. We agree. We can design the simplest of websites to the most complicated database driven web application - it all depends on the type of business you're in. Whatever you want, we got you covered. It's that simple.

We’re Dedicated

We take great care in everything we do which is why everything we do is for a reason, to benefit you, our client. We do not oversell for profit. Our recommendations honest and dedicated to the best of your interest. We promise to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We're Friendly

We have an open door policy. No appointment necessary, however preferred. Once you're a client, you're family. Friends for life. We do not hold you hostage, like other website design companies. We set you free.

We Rely on WebsiteCenter.com for all of our website design needs.

Knowing that our online business is watched and monitored by a team of web professionals leaves me plenty of time to think of other ideas. I may know a lot of things but I'm smart enough to know that I don't know everything, especially the web.

Jim Breslin, Silver State Driving Academy

WebsiteCenter.com has the website design and marketing expertise that I depend on exclusively.

I rely on WebsiteCenter.com for everything website related. They provide me with valuable information I can trust. They make it easy. They're accessible, easy to communicate and take action fast. There's literally no waiting when it comes to my updates.

Brenda L., Cincinatti, OH

Their design team helps me with important decisions regarding my online business.

These guys and gals know their stuff and they know how to explain it to me in the language that I can understand. I'm now on my fourth website. If you're successful in one, why not two, three or four. All you have to have is the idea and these guys will take care of the rest.

Vincent Fodera, Artists


We have gathered our best deals from every department and provided them to you for your review, reference and approval. If you have any questions regarding our web promotions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at your earliest convenience. For additional website services packages and pricing, click on website design services link above (top menu) and visit each department accordingly.
Responsive Website Conversion (WSCCONV)
  • Convert 10-12 Web Pages
  • to Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop
  • Friendly Responsive Format
  • 2-Hour Training on Control Panels
  • Modify, Add Pages. Full Control.
  • Turnaround Time: 2-3 Days
Shared Web Hosting Account (WSC-WH)
  • 1 GB Hard Drive Space
  • 5 TB of Bandwidth
  • Full Cpanel Access
  • 1-Free Domain / 1-Year
  • Full Service Support
  • One-Time $29 Setup
$15 / $150
per month / year
Website Management Block Hours (WSC-WSM)
  • Buy Blocks of 5-Hours
  • for the price of four (4).
  • Use it Today or in the Future
  • Use it on multiple sites.
  • No Limit per Customer
  • Limited Time Only.


Get a full and complete standalone ecommerce website - that you own, control and have full access. A standalone website can run and operate anywhere on any device. You can copy, move, modify, replicate and customize a standalone website, including delete. So get creative, innovative and start selling online. Below are three of our top promotional ecommerce website design packages available for immediate purchase and launched in 1-2 weeks. If you have questions or comments, give us a call at (702) 784-0017 or visit our local Las Vegas, Nevada office.
Full Standalone Ecommerce Website (WP-A)
  • Full Standalone Website
  • Domain Name / 1-Year
  • High-End Ecommerce Web Design
  • Full Featured Shopping Cart
  • Unlimited Categories / Products
  • Security SSL Certificate
  • More...
Restaurant Ecommerce with Full Online Menu (WP-R)
  • Full Standalone Ecommerce
  • Full Restaurant Menu
  • Custom Graphic Design Layout
  • Full Featured Shopping Cart
  • Dine-In or TakeOut Option
  • Security SSL Certificate
  • More...
Restaurant Ecommerce with Delivery (WP-RD)
  • Full Ecommerce Website
  • Full Featured Delivery
  • Dine-In or Pick-Up Options
  • Full Restaurant Menu
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Security SSL Certificate
  • More...

About WebsiteCenter.com

Website Design is our passion. Your online success is our reward.

E. Tan
WebsiteCenter.com is a 17-year full service website design company providing local and worldwide businesses with website design, web hosting, website management and online marketing related services, including storage and security.
The founders below leads a team of top-notch graphic and website designers, developers and programmers that will deliver the one-two knockout punch to your online competition. They will never know what happened.
Eric Tan

Eric Tan

Web and Graphic Designer, Developer, Marketing

Eric Tan
CEO, President
Trish Tan

Trish Tan

Mother, Manager, Friend and Band Mom

Trish Tan
VP, Treasurer
Gloria Tan

Gloria Tan

Former Vice President of a national bank located in Los Angeles, CA.

Gloria Tan


Review some of our most recent work for your reference. Feel free to contact any of our featured clientele. Test their website to see how it works and note your enhanced online experience. Note however, that these designs are in collaboration with each owner. They're experts in their business so it only makes sense that they partake in its online presentation. We will let you be the judge.


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